Something Else For Your Pockets

As if you don’t have enough stuff to carry, the government now wants you to put something else in your pockets.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams wants more Americans to carry the overdose reversal drug, Naloxone. Now, I’ve been accused of being selfish, but I must say it is totally unreasonable for the Surgeon General to ask more Americans to carry Naloxone.

I carry enough stuff. I’ve got my wallet, change, keys, gigantic cell phone and I can barely take care of myself. Now, you want me to revive people? Do I also need to carry a defibrillator? What about sunscreen, for someone prone to skin cancer? Maybe I should just trade in my car and drive an ambulance. If I have to shlep Naloxone around for other people, it’s only fair that you carry stuff for me. Like hard candy, for when I have a sore throat.

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