“Dog On It”

This is an amusing tidbit I saw in the NY TIMES :

“You might wonder how Karen Kingsbury finds the time to write so many novels about the Baxter family of Bloomington, Ind. (her latest, “To the Moon and Back,” enters the list at No. 5). The answer is simple: She has help from her dog. She told USA Today recently that her golden retriever, Toby, “knows when I’m getting my laptop and cords and preparing to write. He patiently waits for me to take my place and get situated. Then he lies across my feet. It’s the most wonderful thing, because even if I think about getting up for some distraction, I couldn’t. I’d have to wake him up, and I would never do that. It’s like having a seat belt.” ”

I find myself in similar situations after my dog, Farfel, has finally laid down on a couch next to me and I’m able to watch TV. I wouldn’t dare move.

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