Overhead Signs On Beltway

Imagine my horror while on the beltway looking at an overhead sign, seeing a warning about radon.

January is National Radon Action Month. I haven’t heard about radon since the 80’s! But now, thanks to those overhead signs, radon is top of mind. All I know about it is it can kill you and my father used to freak out about it.

Still, of all the things those overhead signs should warn us about, I’d put radon at the bottom of the list. Actually, below the bottom. There are other things you can remind me about. Today is Leprosy Prevention Day. It is recognized by the World Health Organization.

April is National Facial Protection Month. I bet the state isn’t posting that on those signs, and why not? May 5th is Hand Hygiene Day, which should be a federal holiday. You could stay home, keep your hands clean, and not spread germs to me. Or, what if the state just gets rid of those overhead signs? Aren’t you distracted enough behind the wheel?

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